Parlons Pierre : carving stone a family story

The Rivals family has been practicing stonecarver for over 50 years in Dourgne, in the Tarn department of Occitania.

She has chosen natural stone to offer its stone cutting services to individuals, companies and local authorities, wether in renovation or in creation.

The Rivals brothers put their skill and experience of stone cutters to the realization of fountains, wells, pools, pool surrounds, floors, stairs, pillars, sinks, basins, fireplaces, benches, Providing quick and responsive responses to the most demanding construction or renovation projects.

Experienced stone cutters, they cut and shape the stone to meet all your desires wether for your interior or exterior decoration.

Formerly known as C.P.P.M. the family business is known, since 2011, under the name "Parlons Pierre".

stone fountain


Décorations, vases, fountains, sinks, wells, basins, borders, slabs, paving stones, benches, tables ... Come and discover our realizations ...




pool edge in massive stone


Transform the ambience of your home, the stone will give your interiors the charm and conviviality of yesteryear.  Fireplace, staircase, sink, washbasin...




stone staircase


Soft and natural, the terracotta tiles sublimate the interior and exterior, it is a must in the restaurant and renovation sector.





terracotta tiles

Old materials

It is in a process of safeguarding the heritage and love of stone that we recover old materials intended for construction and interior or exterior decoration: frames, dovecote, vaults, stones, basin, trough, fireplace...

old stone lintels

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Parlons Pierre

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81110 DOURGNE - France


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In the Tarn in Dourgne Occitania

Sarl Parlons Pierre  -  Artisan Tailleur de pierre à Dourgne dans le Tarn (81) région Occitanie - France